Not Just Another Church...

Faith is more than a belief; it’s a vibrant journey. We actively live out the principle that ‘God is love,’ becoming agents of love in our local and global communities.

Through unwavering commitment to serving our community, we support 35 diverse mission partners globally, allocating 20% of our offerings to impactful initiatives. In our community, every activity proclaims the profound love that defines us.

Discover the heart of Christ within yourself and be part of a transformative journey spreading love far and wide.

Our Beliefs

As an Anglican community, our faith is best expressed in the ancient creedal statements of the early church: The Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed.  These statements declare that God is three in one and one in three- Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that Jesus is God in the Flesh- the one who died for our sins and rose again.  We also believe in the Holy Spirit- the One whom Jesus himself pours out upon the church community, empowering them to live out their mission.  We believe that the teachings of these creeds flow naturally from the Holy Scriptures- the inspired word of God.  

For us, however, these ancient confessions of faith aren’t words to be dully recited only on Sunday morning but truths to be passionately lived out, each day of the week.  This means that you’ll find those in our community actively trying to live out what they encounter in scripture and inviting others to do the same. We don’t always get it right. But together we are learning to walking together in the ways of Jesus each and every day.

Our Vision

To be the heart of Christ in the heart of Saint John.

Our Mission

To be the heart of Christ in the heart of Saint John.

Our Values

Spiritual Growth
Community Building
Evangelism & Outreach

Our History

In 1822 the Vestry of Trinity Church decided to build a Chapel of Ease to accommodate members of the British garrison and the increasing number of Anglicans living in the fast growing Port City. Stone Church got its nickname because the stones for the church were brought from England as ballast on returning cargo ships, though its official name remains St. John’s Church. The first service was held on Sunday, September 11, 1825. The parish has had a long and faithful history of Christian witness in Saint John, with an emphasis on biblical preaching, evangelical teaching and social engagement in the community. The congregation continues to seek God’s guidance and empowerment to find fresh and relevant ways to connect with people and bring the gospel message to the heart of our city.

St. John’s (Stone) Church is a National Historic site. Visit:

Stained Glass

Photos and postcard prints of St. John’s (Stone) stained glass windows are available for purchase. Please inquiry in-person or contact the parish administrator for more information.

Our Team

Rev. Jasmine Chandra

Priest In Charge

Rev. Terence Chandra

Priest In Charge

Pam Stuart

Parish Administrator

Michael Smith

Music Director


Church Warden


Church Warden